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There are certain ways you can make sure your loved one is safe even if you or a home health care provider aren't around. Our SafetyChoice line of devices can, like caregivers, can help your loved one keep their independence.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are a simple and efficient way to call for help in case of an emergency. They come in the form of a bracelet or a necklace. By just pushing a button on the device, your loved one will be connected with our Centralized Monitoring Station. There is always someone there to take their calls and send help when needed.

It’s important that your loved one takes their medication as prescribed. Your parent can easily miss a dose or take an incorrect dose. When a home health care provider is there, they can make sure your loved one took their medicine. But what about when they are alone? SafetyChoice offers a solution. Our pill dispenser will remind your loved one when it is time for a dose. It also organizes medications and tracks the delivery of prescription medications. Another option is a TabSafe system. If your loved one misses a dose, it makes an automated call to their contact list. If no one answers, an alert is sent to the Centralized Monitoring Station which makes a call to your loved one or their home health care provider. The third solution is a wireless pillbox. It locks to keep medications safe. When your loved one has skipped a dose, the device sends a text or email notification to your parent or their home health care provider.

Home monitoring systems are another way of keeping your loved one safe when no one besides them is home. Door and window sensors can send a signal to Centralized Monitoring Station when they are opened. They are especially useful if your loved one suffers from dementia and tends to wander off. Personnel in the Station will contact people on a designated responder list. The sensors can be turned off during the day.

Bedside pressure mats and motion detectors function similarly as the sensors. Pressure on them triggers the alarm in the home and notification to the Station is sent. If the alarm system is not reset, Centralized Monitoring Station personnel will follow instructions established by you, your loved one or their home health care provider. Like the window and door alarms, the motion detector can also be turned off during the day.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will give you and your loved one a peace of mind. In the case of a fire, smoke detector will activate the alarm and notify Monitoring Station to dispatch the local fire department. In case of a furnace or water heater releasing deadly gas, Carbon Monoxide Detector will alert Centralized Monitoring Station and personnel will immediately send help.

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