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In Home Supportive Services (IHSS): A Medicaid Consumer Directed Program

Comfort Keepers can help you navigate In Home Supportive Services and other benefits

Seniors looking into various care payment options may want to inform themselves about in home supportive services. This is a program developed to provide older adults who are blind, disabled or older than 65 years with care services they need to continue living safely and independently at home. Only people who cannot afford home care due to low-income are eligible for this type of care.

When you apply for the program, a representative will schedule an in-home consultation in order to determine the type of services needed, as well as the number of hours that the program can cover. While the program is county-, state- or federal-funded, the care receiver may need to pay for some of the services too.

In home supportive services include a wide range of care services, which can significantly improve the quality of life of the care recipient. For example, this program covers services such as assistance with personal care (bathing and dressing), help with light household chores (cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry), and transportation to medical appointments. Moreover, protective supervision is also included in the program, as well as paramedical services such as medication management and administering injections.

The IHSS program was created to assist seniors with impairments that make them eligible for receiving care at a nursing home. However, with the help of a qualified care provider, they can also maintain independence in the comfort of their own home. This program is unique in that the senior may not only choose their care environment but also who will provide the services.

The program basically allows seniors to take full control of their care. As the care recipient can self-direct care services, they are also responsible for finding an appropriate caregiver. The senior supervises the caregiver and when services are no longer needed, the care receiver is the one who fires the care provider.

One of the biggest advantages of the in home supportive services program is that the senior can choose to have a family member or friend provide care services. To make sure that the chosen care provider has the necessary skills and knowledge to assist the care recipient, Comfort Keepers can train the caregiver to perform the necessary activities. In case the caregiver is absent for whatever reason, Comfort Keepers can offer backup services 24/7.

To find out more about in home supportive care services, please give us a call at (303) 309-2759. We can help your loved one determine if they are eligible for the program and also provide assistance with the application process. 

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