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End of Life Care and Palliative Care in South Denver, CO and Surrounding Areas


We are ready to provide comfortable end of life care and assistance for your loved one during a difficult time.


To know that your loved one has a limited time to survive is nothing short of an unbearable torment. When your family member has been diagnosed with a disease which limits their life expectancy, he or she will have a strong desire to see out the end of their life in the comfort of their home and surrounded by their family and friends. American healthcare providers and social workers will offer a lot of medical care options including Hospice Care. But making those tough healthcare decisions is not easy for family members to make when their loved ones are facing a life-limiting illness.


An elderly hand clasps a younger hand. This is indicative of the at home end of life care Comfort Keepers provides


Many family members throughout the United States want the best quality of life for their loved ones when a terminal illness is involved and they eschew the idea of hospice care or a nursing home, taking on the role of the family caregiver. However, providing end of life care and decision-making for someone who has a limited time left to live can be both physically exhausting and emotionally challenging. There are care services healthcare professionals with expertise in palliative care programs are uniquely qualified for including medical treatment, life-sustaining treatments, and more. There are also planning and coordination factors involved in dealing with end of life issues that the decision-maker must face, including living wills, advance directives, life support decisions, cardiopulmonary resuscitation decisions, power of attorney, and so much more.   We at Comfort Keepers are a leading care team with years of experience providing palliative care services for family members suffering from serious illness as well as end of life care for your loved ones in their final days. Our home care providers support your loved ones and you by working with a hospice agency, palliative medicine provider or medical practitioner in specific care facilities like a nursing home, to fully meet your family’s needs. We will assist you in fulfilling the needs of the client as well as helping around the house, ensuring that you and the families cope with the situation well, both emotionally and morally, through our spiritual support, advance care planning, symptom management and further end of life care services. 


How Comfort Keepers Can Help


Our primary goal through end of life care is to provide comfort and care to your loved ones which will allow them to make the most of the last days you spend together. Our palliative care team are there to help by offering support services that address specific care needs such as: 


  • Do laundry as need be
  • Prepare food
  • Get the house cleaned
  • Dress and bathe and provide toileting assistance to the loved one
  • Give the loved one company while you can cope with the pain alone.


Our services don’t end with the passing of a loved one. We are there to provide assistance and help to the families so that they can cope with the loss as well. Comfort Keepers are able to assist families with certain tasks, including moving belongings, organizing their personal items and in some cases, providing a shoulder to cry on if family members are in need of someone to talk to about their grief.


Comfort Keepers comforting end of life care at home offers emotional and physical support for seniors and their loved ones

Many seniors wish to spend their last moments of life in the comfort of own home. Spending their last days, weeks, or months in an environment where they’ve created happy memories is often preferred for a dignified passing. With end of life care at Comfort Keepers, older adults and their families can receive the support they need at home during this emotional time.


Assistance with Personal Care Tasks & Household Duties

In order for family members and friends to truly make the most out of the time they have left with their older loved one, home care aides help with personal care tasks and household duties. Some examples of personal care tasks and household chores that our professionals can assist with include bathing, dressing, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and incidental transportation. We make it a priority to take care of a senior’s house and personal needs so that families focus on creating more memories with their loved one.


Customized End of Life Care Plans

Personalized care plans at Comfort Keepers will only provide the types and quantity of care that your loved one needs and prefers. We will sit down with you and your family to make sure that the care plan we design includes everything that’s necessary to make life easier during this difficult time. In addition, our aides can partner with the palliative care services at a hospice facility.


Support Once a Loved One Passes

Our end of life care professionals also cares for families once their loved one passes away. We can be there for you throughout the grieving process and assist in coordinating funeral and other end of life arrangements. Our support has proven to help many families get through the hardship that comes with losing someone they love.


For more details about end of life care options from Comfort Keepers, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. We look forward to helping you and your family reduce the physical and mental exhaustion that you may face when your loved one has little time left.


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