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Reducing the Risk of Falls With Comfort Keepers Elderly Care In Home in Centennial, CO

In-home senior care services help with safe mobility to limit the risk the falls and injuries for seniors

Falls and fall-related injuries pose a considerable health risk for seniors. While some older adults struggle with health issues that can affect balance, such as mobility loss or impaired vision, others may experience side effects from prescribed medication that can make them feel dizzy and unstable.

In fact, since the majority of falls happen inside the house, making the home a safer environment for senior clients is certainly one of the top priorities of our elderly care in home services in Centennial, CO. To that end, Comfort Keepers proudly offers specialized fall risk reduction services that can enable our senior clients to improve their gait and balance, overcome the fear of falling, and continue living independently in a fall-proof home.

Our experienced caregivers can help minimize tripping hazards in your senior mom or dad’s surroundings. This is usually achieved through a series of adequate home modifications. Our devoted elderly care in home professionals in Centennial, CO, will make a detailed fall-risk assessment in your loved one’s home and propose the necessary adjustments that can enhance safety around the house.

This means our caregivers will offer expert advice on installing grab bars and handrails in key areas of the house such as bathroom and staircases. Additionally, they can also propose carpeting fixtures and the removal of excess clutter from rooms and pathways.

In order to further reduce the risk from falls, elderly care in home providers in Centennial, CO, will encourage your senior mom or dad to adopt a light exercise regimen developed for improving balance and flexibility. If necessary, our devoted caregivers can assist your parent with doctor-approved stretching and exercise. With regular physical activity, your loved one will not only be able to strengthen their muscles and joints, but they will also feel more confident, and thus, be safer.

If you are interested to learn more about our elderly care in home, feel free to call our South Denver, CO, office today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our services. Comfort Keepers are here to help!


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