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Interactive Caregiving: Comfort Keepers Unique Style of Senior Comfort Care

Comfort Keepers Home Care provides our distinctive interactive comfort care in Centennial, CO

Comfort Keepers is unique because of our Interactive Caregiving philosophy, which is designed to help seniors live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Interactive Caregiving plans have proven to benefit older adults on a physical, mental, emotional, and social level.

Comfort care professionals make it a priority to create an Interactive Caregiving plan that is right for each senior’s unique needs, wants, and capabilities. While some older adults can benefit from more physical activities, others will find more value in participating in activities that allow them to become more social.

Some examples of activities that will support a senior’s physical well-being include walks around the neighborhood, yoga classes, swimming lessons, tai-chi, and stretching exercises. Activities such as puzzles, word games, and reading are effective for mental stimulation while family functions, trips to the community center, and book clubs are ideal for seniors who would like to improve their social and emotional health.

Our comfort care aides also offer personal and companionship care services that make it easier and safer for older adults to enjoy the later years of their life at home. These services paired with Interactive Caregiving are sure to give your older loved one the highest quality of care.


Benefits of Interactive Caregiving  

Professional in home care can be an effective way to enable seniors to remain in their homes while receiving the help they need to be safe and healthy. An essential element of effective in home care in interactive caregiving that provides for emotional well-being that is vital to increasing quality of life. Seniors can benefit in many ways from comprehensive comfort care that incudes interactive caregiving intended to meet physical, emotional, and social needs.

Interactive comfort care includes the senior receiving care in activities and conversations. Therefore, rather than simply preparing a meal and setting it before the person receiving care, the caregiver will invite them to work in the kitchen side by side while enjoying conversation. Each senior is encouraged to participate in household tasks as is appropriate for their capabilities. This fosters the building of a relationship and continued independence on the part of the care receiver.

Besides sharing in household chores and personal care, interactive caregiving includes activities that any companion would typically enjoy with a friend. Seniors are encouraged to share hobbies, conversation, and activities that they love with their caregivers to increase their emotional well-being and mental state of mind.

Caregivers will even take companionship services beyond the home, escorting the senior in their care to appointments and events. The senior receives reliable transportation and mobility services as needed, but they also enjoy having a friend at their side as they run errands or attend family functions. Leaving the home is safer and more enjoyable with a companion at their side.

Interactive care has few limits. Caregivers may begin reminiscing with their senior over old pictures, which could lead to listening to old music that is full of memories. Before you know it, they may even be sharing a dance in the living room.

For care that has potential to truly optimize the quality of your loved one, choose interactive comfort care that considers every aspect of senior life and well-being.

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