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Private Duty Nursing from Comfort Keepers in Centennial, CO

We provide professional private duty nursing services for seniors with advanced care needs

The purpose of in home care is to give your older loved one the support he or she needs to live an enjoyable, safe, and comfortable life at home. As a person ages, the amount and type of care needed often advances beyond the abilities of family caregivers. Comfort Keepers private duty nursing services can ensure that your loved one is receiving proper medical care in the comfort of their own home.

Private duty nursing provides advanced in home care to meet the medical care needs of aging seniors. Certified nurses are available whenever you need them, from scheduled daily visits to hourly care. Utilizing a private duty nurse through Comfort Keepers ensures that everyone involved in the care of your loved one is well-informed of their care needs. Comfort Keepers private duty nurses collaborate with family members, caregivers, and your senior’s medical team to make sure next-level care is being provided consistently and correctly.

Licensed LPNs and RNs

All private duty nurses that are hired by Comfort Keepers are licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or registered nurses (RNs). Additionally, they go through a rigorous screening process that includes a background and personal reference check. Our nurses are also bonded, insured, and covered by worker’s compensation so that you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

How Private Duty Nursing Helps

Private duty nurses are qualified to perform a variety of medical care tasks. Below are some of the most common in home care services private duty nurses can provide:

  • Maintain colostomy bag and catheter hygiene
  • Administer medication including injections, eye drops, inhalants, and oral medications
  • Monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels
  • Personal medical care such as oral cavity cleaning, nail trimming, and bowel supervision

Private duty nurses can arrange a medication schedule and instruct family members on how to assist their loved one in case of a medical emergency.

A senior’s plan can change at any time, with needs progressing to require next level care. Private duty nursing offers professional medical assistance for seniors in need of advanced in home care. If you believe your senior loved one could benefit from the assistance of a private duty nurse, please call us at (303) 722-3242 for more information.


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